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YANT website move - Updated

Starting on Tuesday 2nd April, our two websites (yant.org.uk and yantmember.org.uk) will be moving to a new server. During the move the two website addresses, plus the associated @yant.org.uk email addresses, will stop working for a short period.

Part of the reason for the move is so that we can create a more secure site. We will also be combining the two sites into one.

Once the move has been completed, we will have one website address (https://www.yant.org.uk). The Members area will be available either via a link on the Home Page or, as a shortcut, using the address https://www.yant.org.uk/members-home. The website address yantmember.org.uk will be discontinued.

The new secure website is already up and running so, should you wish, you can start to use it straight away by going to https://yantonline.org.uk. This is a temporary address whilst the move takes place. Once the move has been completed it will be deleted.

The Username and Password on the new website will remain the same as on the current website.

If, after the move has been completed, you have any problems accessing the site, or if you notice any errors, please let me know by sending an email to web@yantonline.org.uk. This is a temporary email address for use during the move. From 8th April it will revert to web@yant.org.uk

Michael Morrow
Website Admin.